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The Three Keys to Living a Life of Focus


We've all had to adjust and learn how to be productive in work environments that used to be called "home." Meetings and work merged with online shopping, soothing puzzles, homeschooling the kids, and an array of other distractions for over a year. The potential return to normalcy? What does that...


How Perception Can Help You Control Distractions


What if we told you that it is the perception of yourself that determines your willpower? We're excited to report that indistractability is rooted soundly in that component of self-belief. 

In the second installment of the #ChosenInsightSeries on Taking Control of Our Focus, Chōsen...


How to Control Your Attention and Become Indistractable


You're in a morning team Zoom call, and you quietly grab your phone and scroll through your social media. Hopefully, someone sends a summary. Shortly after, it's crunch time with a tight deadline, but your significant other taps you on the shoulder to chat about plans for the weekend. At dinner,...


How to Establish a Morning Routine for Optimal Productivity


It’s 6:30 AM on a Monday, year two of the COVID pandemic. You are grumpy, tired, and in a bad mood. How would you describe your energy level? Low - and holding on for dear life? Yup. That’s many of us these days. 

Jolted by the sound of your alarm clock, you grab your phone...


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