What is Resilience to You?


Let’s take a step back and briefly reflect on what we went through collectively since the start of 2020. How have the coronavirus and its many ripple effects affected your community? With new and unforeseen pressures all around us, continually refining our capacity to adapt successfully to adversity is key to turning our challenges into successes. 

In the second installment of our Foundational Resilience Course sneak peek, Chosen co-founder John Stanton explores what resilience means to us and how presence plays a central role in mental tenacity.

Here at Chosen, we define resilience as the ability to bounce back to a fundamental state of calm after facing adversity. Interestingly, being resilient has a lot to do with being present. But what does that really mean?

Presence stems from “believing and owning our stories.” It has more to do with the everyday, ordinary moments than an enormous transformation - and not about waiting for the next moment to be more fulfilling than this one. For us, presence is the foundation of resilience and mental tenacity. 

It is also the first step in the Chōsen Presence/Purpose/Integrity (PPI) Framework, based on our Olympian’s experiences in peak performance and resilience.

From a physiological perspective, getting present as part of the Chōsen PPI down-regulates your nervous system. It takes you from a fight-or-flight response, where you are ready for any perceived danger, into a calm mental and physical state where you can actively learn: presence is your calm superpower.

In fight-or-flight, high levels of stress-induced cortisol impair memory and cognitive function. While down-regulating, by getting present, a form of mindful meditation reduces the level of cortisol in your blood. The mind and body are intrinsically and dynamically coupled. Perceptions, thoughts, and feelings change, and respond to, the state of the body. Getting present turns off the inner dialogue and prepares you to enjoy whatever activity you are engaged in. And by doing so, it allows you to connect with a part of your brain that is not actively on guard.

Being present turns off the inner dialogue in your mind and prepares you to enjoy whatever activity you're engaged in. “Amazing things happen when we are present; we can breathe slowly and deeply. Our digestive systems work well. Our bodies can focus on repair and our minds are open to learning new skills and playing. The best part - presence is incompatible with states of anger, anxiety or stress,” says John.

Learn more about how you can harness the power of presence to bounce back quickly to a fundamental state of calm after facing adversity with our online Foundational Resilience Course! 

Our 5-week Foundational Resilience Program to guide you to create a customized program to support yourself through challenging times, practice a mindset of continual growth and transform your lifestyle. Designed by our team of global performance experts composed of Gold Medal Olympians, Wellness Doctors, Nutritionists, Neuroscientists, and Business Leaders, our self-paced, online program is was nominated Finalist for “Best Wellness Program” by Destination Deluxe in 2020.

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