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We know that you are committed to becoming a better version of yourself. You want to create a resilient, optimal life of better health, higher performance, deeper connections, and positive impact.

Now, the world has changed. As we venture into the unknown, we believe that it is essential to be present when dealing with high levels of uncertainty. 

Certainty feels safe and cozy, but true certainty is rare. So what would happen if you spend your time learning to be at peace with uncertainty? How can you move from a mindset requiring control and met expectations in order to feel safe to a mindset of safety and comfort without control or expectation?

We created our self-paced, 5-week Foundational Resilience Program to guide you to create a customized program to support yourself through challenging times, practice a mindset of continual growth and transform your lifestyle. Designed by our team of global performance experts composed of Gold Medal Olympians, Wellness Doctors, Nutritionists, Neuroscientists, and Business Leaders, our self-paced, online program is was nominated Finalist for “Best Wellness Program” by Destination Deluxe in 2020. 

The good news is, we will also be hosting a “live” version of the Foundational Resilience Program - dates to be announced soon! But don’t worry, you can join the self-paced version today and still join the live portion when the dates are announced. 

Over the next few entries, we will give you an exclusive insider look into the course and introduce some core resilience concepts so you’ll get an idea of what the curriculum is all about. 

The whole of existence is a dynamic, uncertain situation; we invite you to use the introductory resilience tools we send to your inbox weekly to support your daily life and help your performance in any circumstance you encounter! 

Are you ready to create a more purposeful life - with better health, higher performance, deeper connections, and meaningful impact?

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