Why Keeping a Journal Makes You More Resilient

When we were younger, many of us likely kept a lock-and-key diary hidden somewhere in our room. We wrote everything and anything in it - who we had crushes on, how annoying our parents were, how much school was a bore. That diary was a precious place for us to pour out all of our feelings without judgment or punishment. 

You may have stopped using a diary once you reached adulthood. But the principle still remains the same - writing down your thoughts and feelings, or journaling, helps you understand yourself better.

In this sneak peek of the Chōsen Foundational Resilience Program, we will discover how using the tool of journaling to reflect and digest information can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.

Emotions are a language, like reading music. You can either view it as little dots and lines or you can practice reading it. They are not something to be avoided - instead, they hold answers, indications and feedback. Once you learn more about yourself, your emotions and what you need when they appear, you become emotionally intelligent.

Emotional intelligence not only allows you to deepen your relationship with yourself but also can help deepen your relationship and understanding of others. You can begin to understand what you/they need, even when you/they may not even know!

If you choose not to explore your emotions, then you can go through life with a sort of “false experience.” This means you use your past experiences to navigate the world and avoid your emotions arising from the actual experience in the present.  A number of negative consequences can occur: you may blow up unexpectedly, you may feel confused about being overwhelmed with your emotions and not know what to do to fix it - you may also misinterpret other people’s responses and it can prevent or even damage your relationships. 

When facing uncertainty, understanding your emotions and having tools such as journaling to effectively and healthily process them ensures you are able to approach the situation with clarity for decision making instead of being overwhelmed by them.

In our 5-week, self-paced Foundational Resilience Program, we help guide you to become emotionally intelligent by using effective journaling as a tool to reflect and digest both informational learning and physical learning provided in the course. Coupled with weekly challenges, our journal prompts are designed to help you reflect, learn, meet your goals and improve your quality of life. 

With our powerful journaling toolkit, let us help guide you to make important connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, to help you become your most resilient self!

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