Creating enlightening Experiences that help you improve your life — and the world around you.

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Our Mission is Your Mission At Chōsen, our mission is challenging you to explore, evolve, and make choices every day that result in better health, higher performance, meaningful impact and deeper connections with like-minded, nourishing communities.

Our name and philosophy are inspired by the Japanese concept of ikigai, meaning “a life worth living”, and the word chō-sen suru, meaning “to challenge”. We created Chōsen to live our ikigai, to help others by sharing what we learn, and to make a positive impact on the world.

Our Mission is Your Mission.

Join a Chōsen Experience. It’s time for you to design your dream life — and live it.

About Your Chōsen Experiences

Chōsen’s experiential learning programs are carefully curated to guide you towards extraordinary outcomes — improving both your life, and the natural world around you.

Every facet of our programs — from the destination, to the activities, workshop content and even what is served for dinner — is part of a lifestyle framework designed to provide foundational self-care and support increased performance to move toward personal defined objectives.

Your expert team members live by the methods they employ, and are constantly evolving your programs based on the latest information and their own experiences to ensure powerful, long-lasting results for you.

Your Community

Chōsen draws like-minded people together who form incredible bonds through shared experiences. We are a diverse global community, comprising many different cultures, careers, and lifestyles. Chōsen includes entrepreneurs, business leaders, Olympians, creatives, and innovators. Like you, our community is aligned with our values of courage and exploration through healthy living and life-long learning — choosing to invest in themselves while supporting each other on a similar journey.

We believe that helping create an intentional community of optimized people will generate the most positive impact on the world. Your community is an essential part of your learning journey, as you support each other to overcome challenges, and sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences along the way.

Our Promises to You

We create an ideal, safe environment for adventure, connecting, eating, fun, learning, and rest. The only important choices you make are about self-growth — and we take care of everything else.

Our programs are not one-size-fits-all. Your Experience is curated to you, your needs, and your abilities — no matter what your skill or fitness level is. Each destination and itinerary is specifically selected to allow you to reconnect with nature while reconnecting with yourself. We respect the environment with all of our decisions and planning. We always seek out and use the best local, organic, and sustainable ingredients, products, and services. Our company is built upon conscious capitalism, and designed to empower you to make an impact. When you join our community, you give back by making the world a better place.

Are you ready to create a more purposeful life - with better health, higher performance, deeper connections, and meaningful impact?

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It's time for you to design your dream life - 
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